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25 May 2012

My Favourite Animal Pal in Madagascar3: Europe’s Most Wanted

My favourite animal pall in Madagascar is;[ let's guessing ]

He own a long neck
He has brown spots on his back
He is got long legs
      He is not a boy but a 'man'
      He is a friend of Alex, Marty and King Jullian
      He is a Giraffe, Melman

               Always worries about ache
               Frequently has a bunch of medicine
               and appointment with doctor
               He is a hypochondriac

                            Most of the time he is skittish
                            But sometimes has moment of profound clarity
                            He makes me laugh more than the other pals do
                            By listening to his voice can make me laugh.

                                    Melman falls in love
                                    He falls in love with his friend
                                    Her name is Gloria a Hypo
                                    And they make a lovely couple
                                    As Melman be so gentleman to her

Why I like Melman? He is so entertaining. He is slumber and spontaneous. The best thing that Melman has is his pure and true love to Gloria. 




  1. Ntah lah, saya tak berapa suka tengok cerita kartun walau anak2 dan ibunya memang suka cerita kartun....

  2. saya suka Gloria. walaupun badannya tak lah cantik sangat tapi dia nampak seksi dan berkeyakinan. hahaha. well, she is soo HUGEEEE....

  3. i like to move it move it move it... layan cerita macam ni dgn anak2 seronok.

  4. hahahaha...saya pn suka tgok cite ni... n semua cite kartun la... :)

  5. belum tengok lagi cerita ni..aku caya kalau kartun mesti best.

  6. suker kartun ni comel...my dear nak tngk bilik thistle...here's the link

    I mmg kasi full review...check it out ya!!!

  7. lady suka semua.. baru je tgk citer ni kat tv br2 ni.. :D.. sangat2 comel..

  8. suka2 tgk kartun cam ni.. he he comel apa!


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