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19 June 2012

I Would Like To Have Amphibian Superpower

If your were given a chance, what animal/living being superpowers would you want to get?

-  I will choose amphibians superpower. I think amphibians are really cool and unique animal.

'Versatile' Skin
Amphibians skin is permeable to water and is characterized by having numerous mucous glands that help keep their skin from drying out. So if i have the amphibians power i will survive and be so powerful both in water and land. Amphibians skin is also full of poison gland. Cool huh?

Sensory Body System
Amphibians eyes lids are connected with their body glands and duct. The eyes are the most advanced eyes system among invertebrate eyes. They could allow color vision and depth focus and the retinas can receptive a wide range of  view. Is it a good advantage for me to search or detect for an enemy? I could beat the enemy easily.

Defends System
When under attack or to defend myself, i can turn my body color using camouflage to avoid from being detected by enemies.I can jump higher as my legs have tough muscle. I think the power of amphibian should be enough to defeat enemies. Don't you think?

*I wish i could win a pair of Spiderman ticket. Nuffnang comel, nuffnang encem.


  1. assalamualaikum lyd...cantiknya katak tu coloring...:)

  2. katak tu plastik ke real?? comel sgt..(^_^)

  3. i prefer to be human with super powers. combination of superman, batman tp bukan ultraman. kalau ultraman dah kena tukr suits. hehehe...

  4. tak paham..aku tak sekolah omputih..hahaha..


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