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12 October 2011

My Happiest Moment

There is not only one happiest moment in my life, there are many. One of them is when i spend time with a man. My husband.

He is the guy who copes with things and never has a flap
The one who fixes cars and bikes and often mows the lawn
Who listens to the things I say and laughs out when I joke
Then gives me a foot massage, that’s the thing I like the most

I have a husband,
Who likes to have discussions but never will argue
Can sit in friendly silence, and never has to babble
Will make and pour the tea for me and lets me win at scrabble
The kind who opens doors for me and lets me have his chair

The husband I have might seem quite rare to you
And friends have tried to tell me that in number they are few
But I have found one and I hope he will be mine... forever.

This is one of my happiest moment with him; he chased the duck at our neighbor's front yard during Eid Festival at kampung.


  1. salam;
    Moga saat seperti ni selalu menjelma dlm hidup anda...

  2. TQ Yusuf for the comment. Ini saje je sbb nak join contest kat NuffNang tentang My Happiest Moment. Kalo tidak, jgn harap nak share benda gini kat blog.


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